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About Us


Introducing Gail Mitchell


Gail knows how barristers and law firms operate from the inside and what they need in terms of detail and presentation and is dedicated to providing busy legal professionals with a full range of legal typing and word processing services online.


Gail has a comprehensive knowledge of the documentary requirements of barristers and solicitors and guarantees to provide a personal and tailored service that meets your individual needs and the needs of your clients.


Before establishing her own legal secretarial and transcription service in 2004, Gail worked as a personal assistant to barristers and as a legal secretary to solicitors at partner level for 14 years.


Over the past ten years, Gail has developed excellent working relationships with her present client base, which includes barristers, sole practitioners and small law firms who utilise her services as their main secretarial support, as well as larger law firms who use her to deal with increased workloads resulting from staff sick leave, holiday leave and urgent deadlines.


Gail has built a strong reputation for accuracy, reliability and client service since establishing the business in 2004 and now provides legal secretarial support and transcription services to a number of barristers and law firms not just locally but Australia-wide.


Gail Mitchell knows exactly what you want from a legal secretary and has a proven track record in delivering it, building a strong reputation for accuracy, reliability and client service.  Why not call her to discuss your legal secretarial needs on 02 8011 3346.